Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Virtual Imagination

Wow! When I first saw this video on YouTube, I was lost for words. It takes 'virtual' to another level, and demonstrates that we haven't even begun to explore where we can go in virtual space.

Eric Whitacre is a conductor and composer. He composed a piece call lux aurumque, and made a video of himself conducting the piece - no singers or instruments; he conducted the piece in silence just from hearing the music in his head. He watched the video and added in the piano accompaniment track, and created the sheet music. These he made inro a free download to the web.

Singers began posting their individual tracks, obviously without hearing or seeing anyone else. Eric did call for virtual'auditions' for the soprano solo. Putting all the tracks together was managed by the very talented Scott Haines. The result is stunning. Eric's ultimate goal is to write an orginal piece for a virtual choir and have its world premiere in cyber-space, with hundreds or even thousands of people singing alone, together. Go nowto! Let your virtual imagination soar.