Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Shift to Cooperation

There are some good videos on the Internet that help us better understand the new world. Here are two that I find very insightful, even though they date all the way back to 2005! Ancient artifacts? I don't think so.

Part 1 of The Shift to Cooperation is a link to an entertaining talk given by Howard Rheingold author of Smart Mobs . He puts cooperation and new forms of wealth into a broad evolutionary perspective. Part 2 is a talk given by Clay Shirky author of Here Comes Everybody. In it he talks about the new infrastructures of cooperation, and the creation of cooperative value. They are both about 20 mins long, but I think well worth a listen. I'll post interesting videos related to collaboration as I find them, and please let me know of others you feel should be posted. I cannot post these videos, but go to YouTube and search for:

Part 1 - Howard Rheingold: Way-new collaboration
Part 2 - Clay Shirky: Institutions vs. Collaboration

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