Friday, November 21, 2008

For The Tool Box

I'm not a chaser after the latest collaboration tools, but occasionally some interesting ones cross my path and I'm happy to pass them on.

Backpack - intranet, share information, schedules, documents, task lists. If you visit 37 Signals - the software company - be sure to also check out Basecamp (project management/collaboration), Highrise (online contact manager and customer relationship management tool), and Campfire (real-time group chat). Click here!
Dimdim - an open source screen sharing and web meeting tool. No download is required. Click here!
EtherPad - developed by a team of ex-Googlers, this tool allows users to write collaboratively on the same document in real-time. Click here!
yousendit - here's one I use all the time for transfering large files over the Internet. Click here!

1 comment:

Amos said...

Its true that collaborate the things is necessary and for that we need a tool which handle my projects completely. I am using proof hub to handle my projects and I must say its doing amazing.